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Totely is a Subscription based Cloud Digital platform Enabling Real-Time Visibility for Business Transactions -such as Sales Orders, Inventory, Contracts, Documents, Shipments and more.

Totely helps small, medium & large business enterprises transform their supply chain interactions & associated workflow from offline to mobile & digital, offering a single dashboard with real-time tracking and status updates & notifications.

  • Totely is a multi-enterprise digital commerce platform that simplifies B2B and B2C transaction collaboration. Totely is a cloud-native Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows businesses to get set up to transact in a self-service way.

  • Our commercial model is a fixed configuration fee and ongoing SaaS fees.

  • Totely India Pvt Ltd is recognized as a start-up by the Department of Promotion and Internal Trade, and registered under MSME, Government of India, with offices located in India & USA.

  • The team members have a deep industry expertise in supply chain management, eCommerce and have designed innovative ways for businesses to go digital quickly.

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